Colour variations

Colour variations

Further colours on request.  Printed colours may appear different as the colours in the plastic parts. For precisely matching colours a colour sample is appreciated.

RAL 1013 oysterwhite / telegrey

RAL 1013 oysterwhite/black

RAL 1013 oysterwhite / black / black

RAL 1014 ivory/dark anthracite

RAL 1018 zinc yellow/black

RAL 1018 zinc yellow/black/black

RAL 1018 zinc yellow metallic/black

RAL 1018 zinc yellow metallic/black/black

RAL 3000 flame red/black

RAL 3000 flame red/black/black

RAL 3000 flame red metallic/black

RAL 3000 flame red metallic/black/black

RAL 3005 wine red/black

RAL 3005 wine red/black/black

RAL 3005 wine red metallic/black

RAL 3005 wine red metallic/black/black

RAL 5011 similar steel blue/black

RAL 5011 similar steel blue/black/black

RAL 5013 cobalt blue/black

RAL 5013 cobalt blue/black/black

RAL 5013 cobalt blue metallic/black

RAL 5013 cobalt blue metallic/black/black

RAL 5015 sky blue/black

RAL 5015 sky blue/black/black

RAL 5015 sky blue metallic/black

RAL 5015 sky blue metallic/black/black

RAL 6005 similar moss green/black

RAL 6005 similar moss green/black/black

RAL 6024 similar traffic green/black

RAL 6024 similar traffic green/black/black

RAL 6024 similar traffic green metallic/black

RAL 6024 similar traffic green metallic/black/black

RAL 7005 mouse grey/black

RAL 7005 mouse grey/black/black

RAL 7030 stone grey/dark anthracite

RAL 7030 stone grey/black

RAL 7030 stone grey/black/black

RAL 7035 light grey/dark anthracite

RAL 7036 platinum grey/dark anthracite

RAL 7036 platinum grey/black

RAL 7036 platinum grey/black/black

RAL 7040 similar window grey/black

RAL 7040 similar window grey/black/black

RAL 8001 similar ochre brown/grey brown

RAL 8001 similar occhre brown/dark anthracite

RAL 8001 similar ochre brown/black

RAL 8001 similar ochre brown/black/black

RAL 9006 white aluminium/dark anthracite

RAL 9010 pure white/black

RAL 9010 pure white/black/black

RAL 9010 pure white/dark anthracite

RAL 9010 pure white/telegrey



dull gold/black

dull silver/black

dull silver/black/black

V2A stainless steel/black

V2A stainless steel/black/black