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The H.C. Maier Company - Quality since 1967

Foundation of the company H.C. Maier GmbH in July through Hans-Christian Maier and his brother.

1968 Start of the production in Ditzingen in a barn at spring.

1970 – 1982 Move to today's place and the beginning with building the first production hall. Enlargement of the production through the building of further production halls.

1985 Building of a high-rack system for more than 2600 Euro-size pallets and at the same time the building of a new office building.
Start with an electronic data processing system.

1986 Creating of an own mould-injection department inclusively all necessary periphery-machines.

1992 Capability entrance of the son of Hans-Christian Maier into the company.

1998 – 1999 Tear-off of the oldest production hall and replacement with a new two-floor production hall.
Movement of the complete mould-injection department to the new production hall.

2000 In coperation with the University of Stuttgart, the engineering company Schneider & Partner as well as the company Siegle & Epple the first solar-based air-conditioning system in Europe begins, which is running without refrigerant.

2003 Together with the engineering company Schneider & Partner, Mr. Schneider, H.C. Maier GmbH receives the first price for the above mentioned air-conditioning system.

2000 + 2004 Enlarging of the capacity with further mould-injecting machines.

2008 Carsten Maier is the elected chairman of the European Castor and Wheels Manufacturer Association ECMA, founded in 2004.

2010 Optimized flow of goods trough connection of the scale with the electronical data system. Verified check of quantity due to complete single part weights al well as complete part weights and transport necessities.

2011 Just before the end of 2011, on 23rd December, Hans-Christian Maier, aged 72, who worked until the end, passed away after a short fatal disease. Carsten Maier, who has been working in the company for 20 years, took over at this moment the complete management.

After two mandates as a chairman of the ECMA, Carsten Maier moves to the board of the ECMA.

2017 50-year company anniversary

Continious extension and further develeopment of testing facilities for castors to ensure the quality.